Video Trailer for Rules and Play 2016

We are pretty excited about our upcoming art show, Rules and Play 2016! To celebrate, we made a video for promotion. If you’re interested, please feel free to share the video along. It showcases several pieces from last years art show. Most of the footage was captured by one of our exhibitors last year, mildmojo. We hope to put together a longer video recapping everything from last year.

Rules & Play 2015: Post Mortem

The first RunJumpDev art exhibition has come and gone. While I believe everyone agrees that Rules & Play was a success, there were many struggles, as well as triumphs, along the way.

Discussing all of the positives and negatives of Rules & Play could reach 5,000 words easy. For this reason, as well as to stay true to my game development roots, this article will use the traditional structure of game post mortems. I will look at the most significant successes and failures of the show, focusing on three aspects that went right and three that went wrong.

Perhaps in the future a more nitty gritty series of articles will be written. However, for now, an in depth look at a few key choices, events, and lessons learned should suffice.

Shall we?
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Questions? Comments? Want to get involved with future Rules and Play exhibitions? Drop us a line here.