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2020 Call to Artists

This years Rules and Play is coming up! And we’re super excited to announce the Call to Artists, visible in full below as well as the direct link for application. If you are interested in applying, you should definitely do so!

This year, simultaneous to the show, there will be an exhibition of images from NASA of space. With that in mind, the theme for 2020’s Rules and Play will also be outer space. We are very interested in creative interpretations of the theme, though all pieces for Rules and Play must still maintain a level of interactivity.

There are a few primary submittable locations for pieces for Rules and Play:

  1. Shared screen spaces: This is a set of giant windows which function as one shared screen with a gap between them, through the use of projection mapping. Every 5-10 minutes, these experiences are shuffled so that a new experience will be put up on these shared spaces. Additionally, there are shared controllers that can be used for the interactive element for these pieces. These are some images of the gallery that is being used.
  2. Project mapped medallion: This is a ceiling medallion which will be projection mapped onto. In the picture here, you can see the medallion. Every 5-10 minutes these experiences will be shuffled so that new experiences can be rotated in.
  3. Stand-Alone Pieces: We have limited space, but are interested in some pieces that will be placed for the duration of the show and are not shared with other artists.
  4. Short-term pieces: We have a limited opportunity for short term pieces that can go in the planetarium, other places in the LASC,, and potentially on the lawn for a one night engagement during the cities Gallery Hop event (July 17). These pieces would need to be installed and de-installed over the course of a day.

Keep in mind that any and all exhibits must be designed for all ages. This is both in terms of themes and content (no nudity, violence, etc) as well as in practical construction. For a quick primer on designing for a space that is frequented by children, check out this Adam Savage video where he tours Austin based Thinkery, which targets children 0-11. Think both in terms of long term survival of the piece (will this interface last for two months) and in terms of it being used by people with low impulse control (can it be climbed on? Would you have to rely on barriers to keep someone from interacting with it in a way that is unattended?). These are questions that are heavily considered in the application.

Submissions will be accepted until March 30th, and we will announce selections on April 30th.The selected submissions will be a part of the Rules and Play show, which will run July 11-September 11.

Support funding may be available between $50-200 per artist for transportation and materials, but funds are limited. Please indicate on the form how much funding you will need, if any, and we will try to reach those numbers. To apply,

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at rulesandplay@runjumpdev.org.

Behind the Scenes Videos

For 2019 we’re releasing a series of behind the scenes YouTube videos every Wednesday at noon on our channel! Be sure to check out the videos on this playlist:

Currently we have a bunch of videos live, including this one on the first draft of the Glow Orb:

We also have a video from Sam Morris on the early prototype stages of his projector/Kinect/visualizer installation Weird Windows:

Again, be sure to check out all of the of the videos as they are updated! We’ll continue to add videos to the playlist of all of the interesting things that are going on with this years Rules and Play show.

Rules and Play 2017 Gallery Hop Exhibition

Rules and Play has returned to the Living Arts and Science Center! This year will not have a kick-off event but rather a one night Gallery Hop exhibition. The show will still run through July 11 – August 18, 2017, but for one night you can see unique one-off exhibitions that you will not see elsewhere.

This years special Gallery Hop presentations include:

  • quartet-o-phone from Nick Warner, a live performance of his “four.parts” real-time collaborative music making experience. Lexington’s Volare String Quartet (https://www.facebook.com/volarequartet) will play a constantly changing composition based on the input of audience members from their mobile devices. Audience members will be instructed to open a special website on their phone. This will give them command of one measure of the score allowing them to choose the notes they’d like for the performer to play. Meanwhile, the input from the mobile devices is translated live into sheet music on tablet computers for the performers to play. “quartet-o-phone” moves the composition of live music to the audience itself to create immediate feedback and iterative, collaborative music and empowers the audience to make an intimate connection with the performers.
  • special VR presentations of both the Dreams project from HVRE as well as a virtual reality version of the exhibition Super Furry Neon Cat Heads.
  • a unique installation inside the planetarium
  • and all of the standard artists installations that will be up for the rest of the month.

This will be a great opportunity to check out the installations that will be on display over the course of the month, and to get to meet some of the artists of these pieces.

More information about the event can be found at our Meetup.

Summer 2016 Classes at the Living Arts and Science Center

This summer, members of the RunJumpDev will be leading a series of classes at the Living Arts and Science Center to introduce interested participants into game design. These are the planned classes.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Interactive Fiction with Twine with Super Soul 

Explore storytelling, narrative structure and logic with members of the local video game company Super Soul. Students will learn to use Twine (free software they can continue to use at home) to create pieces of interactive fiction.

9th-12 grade, June 20-24. Register here.

Look no Hands: Creating Experiences with XBox Kinect with Super Soul 

Come learn how to use the Xbox Kinect with Unity to react to people’s movement, no controller needed. Led by members of local video game company Super Soul, students will explore using skeletal and spacial data to create amazing effects and motion tracking games.

Teens & Adults Age 16+, July 7, 14, 21, 28. Register here.

World Building with Super Soul 

Create new digital worlds in this introduction to Unity, a popular free game development platform.  Led by members of local video game company Super Soul, students will learn how to create a terrain and add other elements to their 3D landscapes.  Projects will be formatted for display in the LASC’s new Planetarium dome!

9th-12th grade, July 11-15. Register here.

Power2Give Campaign Now Running

RunJumpDev is now working with LexArts to help fund raise for our artists for the 2016 Rules and Play. The ongoing campaign, using the charity website Power2Give, is intended to help fund the campaign over the course of the next month. This fundraiser will help us give money to all of our artists to help cover the costs of exhibiting in our upcoming show in Lexington, KY.

This fundraiser is currently live on Power2Give, and for the first $500 we have matching donations through Baptist Health. That means for every $1 spent, we get another dollar in matching funds. This is extremely helpful for bringing interactive art to the Bluegrass and we are incredibly excited for this opportunity. This donation form is live through the end of the month of June.

Video Trailer for Rules and Play 2016

We are pretty excited about our upcoming art show, Rules and Play 2016! To celebrate, we made a video for promotion. If you’re interested, please feel free to share the video along. It showcases several pieces from last years art show. Most of the footage was captured by one of our exhibitors last year, mildmojo. We hope to put together a longer video recapping everything from last year.

2016 Call to Artists Extended til March 6

We are pushing back the deadline for Rules and Play from February 26 to March 6.

This deadline change is due to a few factors. For starters, we wanted to make sure that everyone was able to access the materials that were made available during the walk through of the space, including blueprints of the gallery space and images. Since these were just made available to the artists mailing list this week, we decided to give everyone an extra week. Additionally, with increased interest in the exhibition, we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to submit their work before the deadline.

This should not effect any of the other milestones in the process, and everything else is set to go for the exhibition. Thank you for your continued interest! We look forward to seeing what everyone is bringing to Rules and Play 2016! If you haven’t already, be sure to submit your proposal here.

2016 Call to Artists Now Open

We are pleased to announce Rules and Play 2016! This year we are partnering with the good folks at LexArts and also the Living Arts and Science Center, who will be hosting the event. Our call to artists is now live, so if you’re interested in having a work shown at our exhibition you can submit your work now!

Rules and Play

Here is the complete call to artists:

RunJumpDev is currently looking for original works created by artists and game developers from across the globe to showcase in an exhibition featuring installations of interactivity and art in its second year of Rules and Play: Expression through Interaction. All pieces must be interactive in order to be considered.

The exhibition will run June 24th through August 26th at the Living Arts and Science Center in Lexington, Kentucky.

Any artist, programmer, and game developer can apply.

Artist’s Statement and Physical Rider due February 26, 2016 by 4PM

For a full prospectus, includes exhibition objectives, submission guidelines, and an exhibition calendar please click here to apply.

To encourage development of art and games, RunJumpDev will be hosting classes in conjunction with LASC. Artists are not required to participate in these classes, but are encouraged to contribute their time and expertise. Artists seeking further information in regards to workshop times and deadlines may sign up for our mailing list.

Support funding may be available between $50-200 per artist for transportation and materials, but funds are limited. Please indicate in your application if you are seeking support funding and the amount you are requesting. Acceptance into the exhibition does not guarantee that you will receive funding or the full amount requested. Support funding amounts will be determined by RunJumpDev and are based on total numbers of requests and amounts available. Funds are provided through a grant received from LexArts.

Rules & Play 2015: Post Mortem

The first RunJumpDev art exhibition has come and gone. While I believe everyone agrees that Rules & Play was a success, there were many struggles, as well as triumphs, along the way.

Discussing all of the positives and negatives of Rules & Play could reach 5,000 words easy. For this reason, as well as to stay true to my game development roots, this article will use the traditional structure of game post mortems. I will look at the most significant successes and failures of the show, focusing on three aspects that went right and three that went wrong.

Perhaps in the future a more nitty gritty series of articles will be written. However, for now, an in depth look at a few key choices, events, and lessons learned should suffice.

Shall we?
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Questions? Comments? Want to get involved with future Rules and Play exhibitions? Drop us a line here.