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Rules and Play

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Rules and Play

Rules and Play is an exhibition of interactive installation art, running at the Living Arts and Science center from June 24-August 26. The event, hosted by game development collaborative group RunJumpDev, is in its second year.

The event will run for around a month and a half, featuring a kick-off event, a Gallery Hop showcase and a final night, as well as several workshops that will be offered through the Living Arts and Science Center.


Exhibited Artists

We've had the pleasure of exhibiting the work of several talented artists. Check out their work below.

Fong Tron – Chris Wininger
colorClickerHD – Patrick Stefaniak

Summer Classes

This summer, members of the RunJumpDev will be leading a series of classes at the Living Arts and Science Center to introduce interested participants into game design. These are the planned classes.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Interactive Fiction with Twine with Super Soul 

Explore storytelling, narrative structure and logic with members of the local video game company Super Soul. Students will learn to use Twine (free software they can continue to use at home) to create pieces of interactive fiction.

9th-12 grade, June 20-24. Register here.

Look no Hands: Creating Experiences with XBox Kinect with Super Soul 

Come learn how to use the Xbox Kinect with Unity to react to people’s movement, no controller needed. Led by members of local video game company Super Soul, students will explore using skeletal and spacial data to create amazing effects and motion tracking games.

Teens & Adults Age 16+, July 7, 14, 21, 28. Register here.

World Building with Super Soul 

Create new digital worlds in this introduction to Unity, a popular free game development platform.  Led by members of local video game company Super Soul, students will learn how to create a terrain and add other elements to their 3D landscapes.  Projects will be formatted for display in the LASC’s new Planetarium dome!

9th-12th grade, July 11-15. Register here.


Where To Find Us This Year

This year Rules and Play will be held at the Living Arts and Science Center in Lexington, KY. Check back for more information and images.

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Questions? Comments? Want to get involved with future Rules and Play exhibitions? Drop us a line here.