The Glow Orb is a physical installation and display utilizing in its final form about 200 balloons and LEDs, suspended across two rooms in the Kinkead Gallery in the Living Arts and Science Center.


Final installation took place over 2 days and involved the placement of around 200 inflated balloons of three sizes (standard latex, 18 inches, and 36 inches) on zip ties around a net. There are also 200+ LEDs stretched across on custom strands covered with fabric tubing. These are hooked into a teensy which is driving the information to a PC.


There were two previous drafts of the Glow Orb:

This is the second installation of the Glow Orb to test the final build:

To create a custom 200 LED strand, we had a soldering party where, for 8 hours, a team of volunteers from RunJumpDev came together the LEDs.