January 13, 2020 Amanda Hudgins

2020 Call to Artists

This years Rules and Play is coming up! And we’re super excited to announce the Call to Artists, visible in full below as well as the direct link for application. If you are interested in applying, you should definitely do so!

This year, simultaneous to the show, there will be an exhibition of images from NASA of space. With that in mind, the theme for 2020’s Rules and Play will also be outer space. We are very interested in creative interpretations of the theme, though all pieces for Rules and Play must still maintain a level of interactivity.

There are a few primary submittable locations for pieces for Rules and Play:

  1. Shared screen spaces: This is a set of giant windows which function as one shared screen with a gap between them, through the use of projection mapping. Every 5-10 minutes, these experiences are shuffled so that a new experience will be put up on these shared spaces. Additionally, there are shared controllers that can be used for the interactive element for these pieces. These are some images of the gallery that is being used.
  2. Project mapped medallion: This is a ceiling medallion which will be projection mapped onto. In the picture here, you can see the medallion. Every 5-10 minutes these experiences will be shuffled so that new experiences can be rotated in.
  3. Stand-Alone Pieces: We have limited space, but are interested in some pieces that will be placed for the duration of the show and are not shared with other artists.
  4. Short-term pieces: We have a limited opportunity for short term pieces that can go in the planetarium, other places in the LASC,, and potentially on the lawn for a one night engagement during the cities Gallery Hop event (July 17). These pieces would need to be installed and de-installed over the course of a day.

Keep in mind that any and all exhibits must be designed for all ages. This is both in terms of themes and content (no nudity, violence, etc) as well as in practical construction. For a quick primer on designing for a space that is frequented by children, check out this Adam Savage video where he tours Austin based Thinkery, which targets children 0-11. Think both in terms of long term survival of the piece (will this interface last for two months) and in terms of it being used by people with low impulse control (can it be climbed on? Would you have to rely on barriers to keep someone from interacting with it in a way that is unattended?). These are questions that are heavily considered in the application.

Submissions will be accepted until March 30th, and we will announce selections on April 30th.The selected submissions will be a part of the Rules and Play show, which will run July 11-September 11.

Support funding may be available between $50-200 per artist for transportation and materials, but funds are limited. Please indicate on the form how much funding you will need, if any, and we will try to reach those numbers. To apply,

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at rulesandplay@runjumpdev.org.

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